Rigging a Derrick

A slideshow of the Master Riggers at Budco rigging a second derrick onto the roof 32 Avenue of the Americas using our existing derrick.

Basement Boiler

A slideshow followed by a video of the Master Riggers at Budco rigging a large boiler down into the basement and raising it onto its pad using our hydraulic jacking gantry system before skating into its final position.

Basement Generator

A slideshow of the Master Riggers at Budco using forklifts and hydraulic jacking gantries with chainfalls to rig a generator through a floor hatch into the basement.

WTC Equipment

After damage from hurricane Sandy, the Master Riggers at Budco rigged replacement transformers and switchgear into position at the new World Trade Center.

Generator Rigging

The Master Riggers at Budco were tasked with rigging generators into a loud basement equipment room. Special ear protection with noise cancelling intercoms were utilized so our crew could safely communicate in the environment. The generators had to first be lifted by a crane in the driveway and set down in front of the doorway to the equipment room. A runway system was created to keep pressure off the floor and they were rigged into their final positions using gantries, forklifts, and skates.

Co-Gen Plant

For this project, Budco utilized a crane to rig equipment for a co-generation plant on the roof of 1 Penn Plaza.

Jeep Climb

Daimler Chrysler presented us with their desire to have a Jeep appear to drive up the side of 2 Penn Plaza and stop at the upper level to show that Jeeps can park anywhere in New York City. The project required us to design and implement a detailed means and method to accomplish this task for their advertisement.

WTC 1/9 Subway Line

Budco was contracted by the MTA to replace the structural steel subway tunnel that was destroyed during the 9/11/01 terrorist attack. We installed two million pounds of new steel in a three month period starting in April 2002 for the reopening that took place for the one year anniversary. Awards were received commemorating our accomplishment.

9/11 Memorial

Budco was contacted to move 1500 lb eyebeam, originally from ground zero, from Farmingdale State College to the Bethpage Ballpark (Duck Stadium). We restored the beam, installed it in its final position, and mounted the memorial plaques.

32 Avenue of the Americas

Budco was contracted to add a two story addition onto the roof to incorporate emergency diesel generators and equipment to support the building tenants’ activities. While nearing completion of the project, the airplane which struck the World Trade Center passed directly over us.

East River Science Bldg.

Slideshow of the rigging in of sterilizing equipment for a medical research building.

1 Madison

Budco rigging a 60,000 lb. emergency generator in New York City.

Brookhaven Lab

The Master Riggers at Budco installed a replacement 90 ton rotor for a Siemans Generator at Brookhaven Lab. The generator's rotor was rigged into position with our 400 Ton Jacking Gantry system.

1345  6th Ave.

The Master Riggers at BUDCO installed a derrick on the roof of this high rise building. It was then used for the installation of a cooling tower and pipe risers.